Moon News, Jan 2022

Moon News, Jan 2022

We are nearing the end of our first January of Sunday Moon. Thank you once again for all the amazing support.


As you might have seen already, we have made a few developments within the Sunday Moon brand. The first being our beaut of a website that we just adore! The images evoke mystery, serenity and optimism and compliment our collections and our brand with their celestial vibe.


We have also introduced a reward scheme this month, which marks the beginning of some fantastic rewards to show our appreciation of your support. if you're subscribed you will receive an email detailing how to be part of this exclusive club! Visit our homepage to sign up to the rewards scheme.


And then there's our new products, we've introduced silver, as you know but we listened to our wonderful tribe and can also offer huggies at single items now too - giving more flexibility and options for your ear stack. (These also make a great affordable gift!)


We love to keep you in suspense, sharing snippets of our future plans so here's another exciting development to look out for. We will be introducing something super special to our product range that holds our values close and draws on our skills and experience setting us apart from other jewellery brands on the market right now. We can't wait to launch the new collection so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

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